20-21 October 2021, ERA-PLANET Final Project Meeting

ERA-PLANET, “The European Network for Observing Our Changing Planet”, the program aimed at strengthening the European Research Area in the domain of Earth Observation, will present the latest developments of its four projects on its Final Project Meeting, on 20 and 21 October, 2021.

ERA-PLANET is the European network for sharing Big Data generated by in situ or satellite platforms in order to reinforce the European Research Space in the Earth observation sector.

The first day will see the discussion of the major achievements of the four projects (SMURBSGEOEssentialiGOSPand iCUPE), and of the specific applications and tools that have been developed.

The second day will be the occasion to discuss the implementation of transversal Key Enabling Technologies and to talk about outreach.

You can download a pdf of the Agenda here:

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