June 24th ERA-PLANET at the GEO Virtual Symposium 2021

ERA-PLANET, the program aimed at strengthening the European Research Area in the domain of Earth Observation, will present the latest developments of its four projects at the GEO 2021 Virtual Symposium, June 24, 2021.

The theme of this year’s Symposium is Strengthening inclusive partnerships across the GEO Work Programme (GWP). 

All ERA-PLANET’s four projects share the common goal of addressing environmental and societal challenges: SMURBS, that promotes the smart-city approach; GEOEssential, for resource efficiency and environmental management; iGOSP, for integration of real-time monitoring data, modelling tools and an advanced global cyber-infrastructure for data sharing; iCUPE, for a comprehensive understanding on polar environments.

For more information you can check the Agenda.

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