One priority goal of the Flagship is that contributing partners and representatives of existing monitoring networks and programmes actively support and provide direct guidance to the effort.

Governance of the flagship will include a Steering Committee, and if feasible and agreed by partners a Policy Advisory Board and a Scientific Advisory Board.
The Steering Committee will:

  • assure the efficient management and implementation of the business plan;
  • facilitate the involvement of governments, and institutions supporting the gathering and collection of data and information;
  • coordinate the work of contributing partners,
  • provide scientific peer-review and guidance;
  • guide, provide oversite of, and report on the process and deliverables.

The Steering Committee will be composed by one Representative of each participating Network and Programme (Members); and Representatives of Regional Focal Points.

To assure an efficient management and full involvement of policy makers and stakeholders at national / regional level, it is foreseen that Regional Centres of the Flagship will be established as part of the main governance structure.