Alexandra Steffen, Environment Canada, Canada

Alexandra, is the lead mercury researcher for Atmospheric Processes Research (ARQP) Section specializing in environmental processes relating to the transport, transformation and deposition of mercury in and around the atmosphere. Alexandra has studied mercury in the atmosphere for over 25 years for Environment and Climate Change Canada and is Canadas resident subject matter expert. Alexandra has been the principle investigator for atmospheric mercury research under the Northern Contaminants Program which is Canadas contribution to AMAP under the Arctic Council and is a seasoned field scientist. She led the Canadian Mercury Science Assessment Report which was a comprehensive overview of all scientific knowledge of mercury in Canada. Alexandra was co-chair in 2011 and has served on 7 scientific steering committees for the International Conference on Mercury as a global pollutant. She is the expert science advisor to the Canadian delegation for the Minamata Convention on mercury, was a member of the mercury expert groups for the convention, is a member of the UNEP Fate and Transport Partnership, is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Toronto Scarborough and is the Canadian lead for the Asia Pacific Mercury Monitoring Network.